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Coveñas is located at the north of the country in Sucre department, 19 km from Tolu. It has an area of 74 km². It is one of the main tourist sites in Colombia, due to all the first-rate hotel infrastructure that it has, which makes it ideal to satisfy the demands of visitors.

Infraestructure and machinery
Number and Size of Manifold Connections: 2 X 16″
Buoy Capacity: 350,000 Tons SDW
Mono Buoy Anchor System: 180.000 SDW
Mooring System for Tanker: 180,000 SDW (01 HAWSER)
LOA: No restriction

Max Safety Draft
56.05 ft. (17.02 m SW)

Max Loading Rate
40.000 BBLS/ hr

+57 317 289 1843
+57 317 289 1843
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