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Port number one in liquid cargo movement in Barranquilla, number two nationwide after the state company Ecopetrol.

Maximum beam

Maximum LOA

Minimum LOA

Type of Bottom: Mud
Water Depth: 28ft
Minimum Under Keel Clearance: 28ft
Maximum Draught: 28ft
Water Depth Alongside Berth: 28ft
Minimum Under Keel Clearance Alongside Berth: 28ft
Absolute Maximum Draught Alongside: 30ft
Maximum Summer Deadweight: 20.000 Tons
Minimum Summer Deadweight: 5.000 Tons
Maximum Displacement: 25.000 Tons
Minimum Displacement: 7.000 Tons

187-meter-long dock with a berth for the mobilization of liquid granel cargo through pipes from or to the port users' storage terminals installed in the Barranquilla Free Trade Zone.
Platform built in reinforced concrete.
4 hydraulic loading arms with automatic opening and closing valves.
Mooring system with 2 mooring blocks, 2 mooring bollards and 1 mooring block in the river.
2 panel type fenders.
Infrastructure built with high security standards Expert and Qualified Personnel
Foreign trade operations with the benefits of the free regime.


Strategically located near consumption and production centers, this terminal has some of the best infrastructures in the region for the safe and efficient handling of vegetable and lubricant base oils, including access to a private river jetty, and diverse tank sizes and characteristics.

Maximum draft

Maximum LOA

Maximum beam

Capacity: 49.758m3
Tanks: 39
Tank types: Coated Steel, Mild steel, Stainless steel
Tank size: From 245 to 2.800 m3
Access: Barge, Truck, Vessel
Berths for barges: 1
Berths for vessels: 1
Products: Chemicals, Luboils, Oleochemicals, Vegetable oils
Services: Heating, Weighing
Terminal type:Import/Export/Distribution
Max DWT at Vopak Terminal: N/A

Crude Palm Oil, Lubricants, Caustic Soda


Palermo Sociedad Portuaria is an industrial center located on the north coast of Colombia, ideal for foreign trade due to its characteristics and strategic position. It is the integration of the maritime and river ports, Free Trade Zone, industrial park and liquid terminal with an infrastructure built with the highest quality standards.
Its advantages include its location, expansion capacity, its state-of-the-art infrastructure and the easy access it has by road and river connection. Only 56 kilometers separate Palermo Sociedad Portuaria from the highway intersection towards the interior of the country, without the need to cross urban traffic.

700 linear meters of dock.
Total concession: 1.050m
13m of natural depth
Dock capacity: 24 t/m2
440v / 220v dock power supply
4 scales with a capacity of 80 tons each

10 hectares of open yard
3.5 covered hectares
8 multipurpose warehouses
6 tilt-up silos
5 hectares for Coque
International logisitcs distribution center

+57 317 289 1843
+57 317 289 1843
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